Nigi Nigi Bar


In Nigi-Nigi, you can enjoy the nice atmosphere, funny bartenders, delicious meals and refreshing driks. If you are very thirsty, you can order your drink in a gigantic glass and share it with your friends. Nigi-Nigi is a nice place to stay in the afternoon or in the early hours in the evening. You can find this place on the beachroad at Station 2.

Azul Bar


Azul is the biggest and newest club in Boracay. It has a huge dancefloor with a pole where ladies can show their talents. No entrance fee and nightly competitions like dance contest on Thursday and rush hour drinking contest every Friday. Try the flaming tower drink! Tuesday is ladies night when the women can get all the drinks half prize. It is situated in the main road at Station 3 so  when it's time to go home, there are tricycles waiting outside to take you where you wanna go.

Epic Bar


Epic is very famous for it's special parties which is held especially during the high season. White Club with guest DJ's, pumping music and special remixes will ensure you a memorable night. Every Tuesday is ladies night. Did you got hungry while partying? Don't worry, the delicious menu of Epic has different kinds of foods to pleasure everyones tastebuds.

La Reserve Restaurant


Enjoy fine dining and fresh cooked seafoods like lobsters, crabs and delicious steaks in this french style restaurant. La reserve is situated close to D'Mall . Grab a refreshing cocktail and let your eyes rest on the photographic view of the beach which colours change from purple to orange every sunset.

Coco Bar


This bar has a lot to offer. Dancing and cheerfull bartenders, newest dancesongs, cool atmosphere and a smokemachine. This is a great place to read the newspapers or spent the first hours of the evening and lift up the party feeling before hitting up the dancefloor of some of the various clubs on the island. Every Tuesday is ladies night where the ladies can get the first drink for free. Try the Zombie or some of the other bars special drinks.